Sanbornton police seek owner of elusive cow on the loose

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SANBORNTON — A brown and white cow has been giving local authorities the slip for hours after it was spotted wandering in the northern end of town, prompting the Sanbornton Police Department to issue a call to the community for assistance.

The bovine was first noticed meandering near Hueber Drive and Hermit Lake Road, evading capture with a determination that has left police and residents bemused.

While the cow’s antics may seem amusing, officials are concerned about public safety as evening approaches.

Residents who have noticed the absence of a cow from local farms or know someone who might be missing their livestock are urged to contact the owner or the Sanbornton Police Department.

The primary concern is to prevent the cow from venturing onto Rt 132, a situation that could lead to a serious traffic incident, especially after dark.

Authorities are asking anyone with information on the cow or its owner to reach out to the Sanbornton Police Department as they continue to monitor the situation and attempt to safely corral the animal.

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