Salem police chief addresses community concerns after recent shootings

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SALEM — After two separate shooting incidents in Salem this November, Chief of Police Lucas J.

Miller has reached out to the community to address growing safety concerns and provide updates on the investigations.

The first shooting, a homicide involving a Salem State University student, occurred in the early hours of Nov. 1.

The suspect in this case has been arrested.

The second incident, which took place on Nov. 13, involved a man being shot and wounded in his driveway before 8 a.m. This case is still under investigation, but Miller expressed confidence that those responsible would be caught and prosecuted.

Miller stated that these incidents are not connected and emphasized the department’s efforts to maintain transparency and communication with the public.

He addressed concerns regarding the department’s reassurances about public safety following such incidents, explaining that while it’s impossible to declare there’s no danger, the department shares information to indicate when an immediate threat is believed to have passed.

Factors such as the identification or location of the suspects, or the nature of the crime, can lead to such assessments.

The chief asked for the community’s trust, ensuring that the police would communicate if there was a believed threat.

He also highlighted the department’s commitment to preventing and addressing gun violence, assuring residents that Salem remains a safe place to live and work.

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