Jackson police warn of rental scam using stolen property photos

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JACKSON — A recent scam has prompted a warning from the Jackson Police Department after a property owner discovered their home was falsely listed as a short-term rental online.

The scam, which is not uncommon, involves criminals posting phony rental listings using photos taken from old real estate listings or other sources on the internet.

Unsuspecting individuals searching for vacation rentals may end up renting these non-existent properties, only to be faced with the real homeowners upon arrival.

Chief Perley of the Jackson Police Department advises the public to be vigilant and check their own addresses on platforms such as Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, VRBO, and other web-based sources.

A quick Google search can also help uncover potential scams involving one’s property.

The police emphasize the importance of caution and awareness in the digital age to protect against such deceitful practices.

Community members are encouraged to report any suspicious activity to the Jackson Police Department for further investigation.

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