Greensboro’s Natalie Michaud shines under Barton coach’s guidance in National Dairy Contest

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NEWPORT –– Residents from Orleans County, specifically Barton and Greensboro, showcased their dairy judging skills at the national 4-H dairy judging contest on November 4. The contest, a significant event at the North American International Livestock Exposition in Louisville, Kentucky, included a talented three-member team from Vermont, featuring Gabriel and Morgan Michaud from East Hardwick, and Natalie Michaud from Greensboro Bend.

Under the guidance of their coach, Joanna Lidback from Barton, the team demonstrated impressive expertise.

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The Vermont team achieved a commendable seventh place overall and secured the eleventh spot in oral reasons. Their proficiency was evident in various breed categories, with a standout second place in Guernseys, and notable rankings in Ayrshires (seventh), Brown Swiss and Holstein (both eighth), and Jersey (fourteenth).

Individually, Gabriel Michaud ranked thirteenth overall and fourteenth in oral reasons, excelling in Guernseys (sixth) and showing strong performances in Brown Swiss, Ayrshires, Jerseys, and Holsteins. Morgan Michaud, his brother, achieved a thirty-third place overall, with a notable twenty-second in Guernseys and consistent showings in Holsteins, Brown Swiss, Ayrshires, and Jerseys.

Natalie Michaud, their cousin, had an impressive top ten finish in Ayrshire judging, ranking eighth, along with strong performances in Guernseys, Holsteins, Brown Swiss, and Jerseys.

Her overall placement was twenty-seventh, and she was forty-fourth in oral reasons.

This national event is part of a series of opportunities available to Vermont 4-H’ers, showcasing the dedication and talent of Orleans County’s youth in the agricultural sector.

For more information about the state 4-H dairy program, interested parties can contact Wendy Sorrell at the University of Vermont Extension.

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