End of the road for Stannard’s Heroin Highway as dealer sentenced to over 5 years

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STANNARD –– Eric Colson III, 25, from Stannard, was sentenced to 68 months in federal prison for his involvement in a large-scale drug operation. He pleaded guilty to distributing crack, heroin, and fentanyl, possessing a firearm for drug trafficking, and maintaining a residence for drug activities. Colson has been in jail since his September 2021 arrest and will receive credit for time served. Post-release, he faces four years of probation.

Judge Christina Reiss recommended Colson be held in a low-security facility near Vermont, noting his strong family ties. His younger brother, Gage Colson, 23, also pleaded guilty to similar charges and received a 35-month sentence with credit for time served.

The Colson brothers were arrested for selling significant amounts of heroin, fentanyl, and crack cocaine, sometimes up to $20,000 daily. An FBI complaint detailed a confidential informant’s experience buying drugs from them. The informant, equipped with recording devices, revealed the brothers’ operational details, including their open hours and drug storage methods.

Neighborhood complaints about constant traffic on Hutchins Farm Road highlighted the impact of the Colsons’ activities. Two informants, involved in robbing the Colsons in August 2020, provided additional details about the scale of Eric Colson’s drug sales and his methods of hiding drugs in the woods.

The investigation also uncovered firearms in Eric Colson’s residence. The Colsons’ arrest in October 2021 followed a large-scale law enforcement operation, involving multiple agencies, which significantly impacted the local community.

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