Tyngsborough police warn of jewelry thieves targeting the elderly

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TYNGSBOROUGH — Local authorities issued a warning on Tuesday about a man and woman team suspected of robbing unsuspecting individuals, particularly the elderly, by using deception to steal their jewelry.

The Tyngsborough Police Department reported that the duo approaches potential victims in a friendly manner, often calling them over to their vehicle to engage in conversation.

They are known for offering and placing fake jewelry on the individuals while simultaneously attempting to take the real jewelry worn by the victims, occasionally using violent methods, before driving away.

The most recent incident occurred in Tyngsborough on Monday, and similar crimes have been reported in surrounding communities.

Police emphasized the importance of not approaching the suspects or their vehicle and avoiding any interaction, even if they seem friendly.

Residents, especially the elderly, are advised to keep their jewelry hidden when walking alone.

Anyone who encounters suspicious individuals or believes they have seen the suspects is urged to contact their local police department immediately.

The police are seeking the public’s assistance in spreading awareness about these crimes to help protect vulnerable community members, particularly senior citizens.

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