Manchester man charged with assault after auto auction stabbing

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MANCHESTER — A local tow truck driver appeared in Hillsborough County Superior Court today facing felony assault charges after a confrontation in an auto auction parking lot led to the stabbing of three people.

Bryon Bloomfield, 25, of Manchester stands accused of first-degree assault following the incident that occurred at Capital Auto Auction on Londonderry Turnpike Saturday.

Bloomfield, who works for a local towing company, allegedly got into a verbal altercation with construction workers over a missing hitch ball, which escalated quickly.

During the confrontation, Bloomfield is said to have drawn a box cutter, resulting in one victim being slashed on the neck, another on the arm, and a third on the back.

Court documents reveal that the victims required between three to 12 stitches but are expected to fully recover.

Both the suspect and the victims called 9-1-1, prompting a substantial response from police, fire, and EMS teams.

Upon their arrival, Bloomfield cooperated with law enforcement, ultimately being detained without further incident.

In today’s court proceedings, prosecutor Carl Olsen mentioned the existence of a new video that could influence the case.

Defense attorney Ray Raimo argued that the video shows Bloomfield acting in self-defense as he was retreating from a group of men who escalated the situation, including one individual who broke a shovel while advancing towards him.

The court has yet to review all the evidence thoroughly, leaving room for a potential self-defense claim.

Bloomfield, originally from Jamaica, has no criminal convictions—a detail confirmed by both the prosecution and the defense, correcting misinformation spread on a local social media page.

Judge David Anderson set bail at $3,000 cash, which the towing company owner has agreed to cover.

Bloomfield has been ordered to avoid contact with the victims and the auto auction venue, to not possess any dangerous weapons, and to remain within New Hampshire.

As the investigation continues, it remains to be seen if charges will be pressed against any other individuals involved in the altercation.

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