Wrentham resident targeted by fake speeding fine email scam

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WRENTHAM –– A local resident has been the target of a sophisticated email scam purporting to be a speeding fine, authorities warned today.

The resident received an email claiming they had been cited for speeding and demanded payment through an online portal.

However, officials have confirmed that the cited “on-line payment center” does not exist and the communication is fraudulent.

Massachusetts law enforcement agencies clarified that the state does not employ speed enforcement cameras to issue automatic fines.

Instead, police officers are required to conduct traffic stops, identify the individual, and issue a citation in person at the time of the alleged violation.

In cases where an investigation leads to a speeding citation, the citation would be sent through certified mail, not via email.

Residents are advised that any email or similar communication instructing payment for traffic fines through an unspecified payment center is a scam.

Authorities urge citizens to disregard such emails and to contact the local police at 508-533-3212 for advice or to report any instances of this scam attempt.

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