Montpelier police say school bus shooting was isolated incident, encampment cleared

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MONTPELIER –– A school bus shooting incident that occurred on October 26, has been determined as an isolated incident, with the bus and students not appearing to have been targeted, according to the Montpelier Police Department.

The announcement was made on October 30, following a thorough investigation involving the police department and the Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Authorities returned to the scene at the East Montpelier Road railroad crossing last Friday to recreate the incident.

The operation was conducted in collaboration with the First Student busing company and a bullet trajectory specialist from the Vermont Fish and Game Department.

The specialist confirmed that the discharge originated from the area of an encampment located on Home Farm Way.

In response to the findings, and prioritizing public safety, the city’s police department removed the encampment’s occupants last Friday evening.

The occupants were relocated to another temporary location within Montpelier.

The Montpelier Police Department has been working closely with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) on the investigation. Numerous valuable tips from the U32 community have been followed up on over the weekend.

The First Student staff and bus driver were commended for making student safety their immediate priority after the incident.

An after-action discussion involving the Vermont State Police, Montpelier Police, First Student and the U32 community is expected to be scheduled at a later date.

The city is collaborating with the Good Samaritan Haven to create a safety plan for encampments and the overnight shelter, which will be located at 203 Country Club Road beginning November 15.

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