Portsmouth middle school put on temporary secure campus

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PORTSMOUTH –– Portsmouth Middle School was temporarily placed on secure campus status Thursday, Oct. 26, after a man resembling a suspect in a Lewiston, Maine shooting was reported near the Portsmouth Public Library.

The Portsmouth Police Department received a call at 2:22 p.m. about the suspicious male near the library, which is in the vicinity of the middle school. Officers on patrol in the area were able to promptly determine that the man in question was not associated with the Maine shooting.

The middle school, however, was temporarily placed in a “Secure Campus” posture as a precautionary measure until first responders could ensure the area was safe for school dismissal.

The Portsmouth Police Department continues to urge the public to report any suspicious individuals or situations. No connection with the Lewiston, Maine shooting was confirmed, and the school returned to its regular schedule following the all-clear.

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