Ongoing police operation in St. Albans residential area

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ST. ALBANS — A police operation involving multiple law enforcement agencies is unfolding in a residential area in St. Albans this Wednesday afternoon.

The Franklin County Sheriff’s Department, leading the operation, is being supported by the Vermont State Police and the St. Albans Police Department.

The activity on Oct. 18, centers around Lower Welden Street, specifically near the Houghton Park neighborhood.

The Vermont State Police Tactical Services Unit is among the law-enforcement groups present at the scene.

As the operation continues, officials are urging the public to steer clear of the vicinity to ensure safety and the smooth progression of the operation.

Though the response is concentrated at the specified location, authorities have indicated that there’s no broader threat to the community.

Currently, the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department has provided no further details regarding the nature of the ongoing investigation.

They remain the primary agency handling the case and have requested that all inquiries be directed towards them.

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