Newport City Fire Department open house draws over 200 attendees

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NEWPORT — The community came together in an impressive display of unity and excitement at the open house held this past Saturday at the Newport City Fire Department. Organizers estimate that over 200 residents and enthusiasts graced the event, making it an overwhelming success.

Many local entities played pivotal roles in ensuring that the event was memorable for all. The Newport Police Department and Newport Ambulance Service stood out, engaging children in conversations about safety and offering them a close look at their vehicles and tools.

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Some of the younger attendees were particularly enthralled by the Hell Raiser Mega Truck. Surprisingly to some, the towering vehicle even outshone the allure of fire trucks for a few kids.

Among the highlights was Ava Prue, who demonstrated her artistic prowess with face painting, enchanting many children. Meanwhile, the bounce house, courtesy of Country Boys Inflatable Rentals, became a popular spot, drawing in waves of energetic kids throughout the day.

Food was another focal point of the event, with The Kingdom Eatery ensuring no one went hungry. Their mouth-watering offerings had several attendees coming back for seconds. Sweet tooths weren’t forgotten either, as Newport Parks & Rec generously provided a cotton candy machine, adding a sugary spin to the day’s treats.

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Organizers extended their heartfelt gratitude to everyone involved, from participants to service providers and beyond. The day’s success was truly a testament to the strength and unity of the Newport community.

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