Nashua woman arrested on multiple drug charges

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NASHUA — The Nashua Police Department has apprehended Lee Ann Cote, 51, from Nashua, NH, on a felony warrant concerning the sale of a controlled substance, notably crack-cocaine.

This arrest comes after the Nashua Police Department’s Narcotics Intelligence Division initiated an investigation, which revealed Cote’s involvement in the sale of illicit drugs within Nashua.

Cote now faces four charges for the Sale of a Controlled Drug (crack-cocaine), marking it as a subsequent offense.

The investigation also unearthed that Cote was out on bail from a prior drug sale arrest, resulting in an additional charge of Breach of Bail against her.

Furthering the case, a search warrant executed on Cote’s mobile home led to the discovery of additional narcotics.

As a result, Cote was slapped with more charges, including Possession of a Controlled Drug with the Intent to Distribute (crack-cocaine), Possession of a Controlled Drug with the Intent to Distribute (cocaine), and Common Nuisances.

Due to the severity and number of charges, Cote is currently held on preventative detention.

Her arraignment is scheduled at the Hillsborough County Superior Court-Southern District.

The Nashua Police Department encourages citizens to report any suspicious drug activity.

Tips can be directed to the Narcotics Hotline at 603-594-3597.

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