Newport man faces DUI and multiple other charges following arrest

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NEWPORT — A Newport man was arrested Saturday night on charges including felony driving under the influence, according to a report by Newport Police Department Chief Travis Bingham.

James LeBlanc, 56, of Newport, is facing multiple charges: felony Driving Under the Influence, three counts of Violation of Conditions of Release, and Driving with a Criminally Suspended License.

The incident occurred on Saturday, Oct. 7, around 10:33 p.m. An on-duty Newport police officer, while responding to another matter, heard screams emanating from a business at 273 Main St. Upon entering the establishment, the officer witnessed LeBlanc purchasing alcohol.

When confronted by officers in his vehicle, an odor of intoxicants was detected. Aware of LeBlanc’s active curfew and suspended license, the officers administered a field sobriety test, which LeBlanc failed.

Further investigation revealed that court orders were in place against LeBlanc, including a set curfew, a prohibition from driving, and a restriction against alcohol consumption.

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LeBlanc is scheduled for arraignment at Orleans Superior Court on Tuesday.

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