Haverhill Police seeks public assistance in identifying individuals in photos

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HAVERHILL –– The Haverhill Police Department has issued a public request for assistance in identifying individuals and vehicle owners captured in a series of photographs.

The department apologized for the poor quality of the images in a statement released today. They are seeking to identify the persons depicted in the photos for informational purposes only.

Officials from the department have urged anyone who may recognize the individuals or the owners of the vehicles depicted not to post any information in the comments of the photographs. Instead, they request that any potential identifiers call the department directly at 603-787-2222 during business hours or send them a private message.

The Haverhill Police Department has stressed that this request is not an indication of guilt or innocence, and the subjects of the photographs may not be the target of a criminal investigation.

The department has not provided any further information about any potential investigations or why they are seeking to identify the individuals and vehicle owners in the images.

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