Goffstown house fire claims pet’s life, no human casualties reported

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GOFFSTOWN –– A house fire on Peppermint Street took the life of a pet dog despite rescue efforts by firefighters on Friday. No human casualties were reported in the incident, according to the Goffstown fire and police dispatch center.

A concerned neighbor initially reported the fire after spotting smoke emanating from the house. The local fire and police departments were immediately dispatched, but it was unclear at the time whether any people were inside the burning house.

However, the caller did mention that dogs were inside the premises.

Upon arrival, police officers reported a house engulfed in fire, with neighborhood residents attempting to search the property.

The fire engine, staffed with an officer and three firefighters, arrived shortly after.

Three crew members were deployed at the scene while the driver established a water supply connection.

Police officers assisted firefighters in preparing for fire control efforts while additional personnel from nearby towns and cities were awaited. A second alarm was promptly requested, mobilizing additional resources and equipment.

Firefighters located a large dog and moved it to the front lawn for life-saving attempts, including canine CPR. Unfortunately, the pet could not be revived.

Upon further investigation, it was determined the dog was the only animal in the house and no people were at home during the incident.

Firefighting teams worked diligently to control the heavy fire, ensuring it did not spread further into the living area of the house.

Manchester Truck 6, which arrived at the scene, set up in the driveway and provided access to the area where the fire was most intense.

Several water supplies were readily available in the immediate area, rendering water shuttles unnecessary. There were no reported injuries among the firefighters or civilians at the scene.

The cause and origin of the fire remain unknown and are currently under investigation.

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