Engines roar and emotions soar at Orleans County Fair Demo Derby

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BARTON –– The Orleans County Fair hosted an electrifying Demo Derby yesterday, with 87 cars tearing up the track in an adrenaline-pumping showcase of power, precision, and passion.

In the Four Cylinder Feature, James Corr clinched first place, followed by Brian Norway in second and Nick Boivin taking the third spot. The Six Cylinder feature saw Dustin Tardif securing the top spot, trailed by Keith Newell and Charles Jokinen in second and third place, respectively.

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The Mini Van Feature had spectators on their toes as Aaron Wheeler snatched first place. Dustin Pray and Dan Orzolek grabbed second and third.

Meanwhile, in the Eight Cylinder feature, driver Kevin Bacon secured the first place, with Devin Grenier coming in second and Deryck Colburn rounding off the top three.

Against the odds, the weather turned in favor of the competitors, as the much-predicted rain held off, ensuring an uninterrupted clash of the titans.

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Kevin Bacon’s victory was emblematic of the rich family traditions deeply ingrained in the Derby culture.

“I’ve run here for close to 18 years now,” Bacon said. “It’s kind of a family tradition. My dad started out doing it about 35 years ago. I got my number from him. He started as 160. My brother was 161. I ended up taking 162.”

However, the Demo Derby is more than just a race for many. For drivers like Deryck Colburn, the real magic happens before the race begins, inside the garage.

“I like building them, I think, more than I like driving them. It’s a great process,” Coburn said.

Among the most touching moments of the event was the story of Bonnie Poginy, who attends the Derby in honor of her late son, Tyler.

“Our boys got into the demo, and our son Tyler was like the demo guru,” she said. “He lived every day of the year, preparing for this until he passed away. So it’s just an honor being here. It’s like Christmas Day, waking up with him again, because he was just so excited about it.”

The Orleans County Fair Demo Derby on Sunday was a testament to the enduring spirit of community, family, and tradition, where memories are made, and legends are born. For more photos from Sunday visit our post on Facebook for the event.

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