Nashua bicyclist hospitalized after collision with transit bus

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NASHUA –– A 56-year-old bicyclist was seriously injured Friday morning after colliding with a Nashua Transit Bus on Main Street, according to local authorities.

The accident occurred near the intersection of Main and Lake streets around 8 a.m. Nashua police, Nashua Fire Rescue and AMR ambulance responded to the scene where they found the injured cyclist.

A trauma alert was issued and the victim, who had sustained a head injury among other injuries, was transported to Southern New Hampshire Medical.

“The injuries are serious, but not believed to be life-threatening,” police said.

The collision resulted in a heavily damaged bicycle, with the shoes and bike seat strewn across the ground near a utility pole. The bus was stopped roughly 20 feet north of where the bike lay.

Initial investigation indicates that both the bus and the cyclist were traveling north on Main Street at the time of the accident. No injuries were reported among the bus passengers.

“Nashua Transit buses are equipped with 360-degree video cameras,” said Nashua Police Sgt. John Cinelli. “The footage of the accident will be reviewed as part of the ongoing investigation.”

The cyclist was the only individual transported to the hospital following the incident.

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