Bluffside Farm opens archery deer hunting lottery for 2023 season

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NEWPORT –– The Vermont Land Trust (VLT) has officially opened the lottery for the 2023 archery hunting season at Bluffside Farm, with applications to be submitted by September 22.

The Trust will continue its annual tradition of hosting archery deer hunting at Bluffside Farm, though hunting is by permission only. Due to a Newport City ordinance, only archery hunting will be permitted, prohibiting the use of firearms.

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This season, hunters can take to the grounds during three specific periods: October 14 to November 10, November 11 to November 26, and November 27 to December 15. These dates mark the exclusive periods for hunting, with all stipulated rules enforced.

Despite the hunting season, Bluffside Farm will remain open to walkers. The Trust mandates hunters to carry written permission and restricts hunting activities to specific parts of the property, ensuring a safe distance from neighboring homes.

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Given the hunting schedule, visitors are advised to wear appropriate safety attire and be aware of hunters during the designated times. The VLT will also place notices on the property to keep the public informed.

Situated at 171 Scott Farm Road, Newport, Bluffside Farm was acquired by the Vermont Land Trust in 2015 and has since been accessible to the community. The farm not only offers hunting opportunities but also boasts amenities for walking, skiing, outdoor education, and community gardening.

Further enhancing the appeal of Bluffside Farm is the multi-use recreation path, constructed and inaugurated in 2021, supplementing the trails that have been a mainstay for the local community.

Interested individuals can find additional details and the lottery application at vlt.org/hunt. Questions regarding the process can be directed to (802) 745-6303.

The closing date for lottery applications is set for September 22.

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