Cyanobacteria warning issued for Whittemore Lake in Bennington

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BENNINGTON –– A cyanobacteria advisory has been issued for Whittemore Lake in Bennington following the discovery of a large bloom in the water.

The bloom was first reported on Aug. 27, appearing as thick, turbid green water, observed throughout the lake.

Following samples collected and reviewed on Aug. 28, it was found that the cyanobacteria, identified as Dolichospermum, had concentrations up to 112,200 cells/mL in areas of highest observed accumulations.

Advisories are typically issued when cell counts exceed 70,000 cells/mL.

Lake users are advised to avoid wading or swimming in the water during an advisory.

The department also urges residents to keep pets and livestock out of the water.

The advisory is not based on a toxin evaluation but is intended as a precautionary measure for short-term exposure.

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