Rabid fox captured in Thetford prompts warning from local officials

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THETFORD –– Following a series of incidents, a grey fox has tested positive for rabies, prompting local officials to urge residents to maintain caution while outdoors.

The fox, captured in North Thetford, was the same species and found in the same area where a previous bite incident involving human contact had occurred.

The infected fox was discovered a day after the biting incident, caught in a trap and subsequently tested for the deadly disease.

Rabies, while not common in the area, is a fatal disease for animals and potentially humans who come into contact with it and are not vaccinated.

In light of the discovery, local authorities are considering a rabies bait program. The program details have been requested from VT Fish and Wildlife, and updates will be shared with residents as they come in.

In the meantime, Thetford residents are encouraged to stay vigilant of their surroundings, particularly when outdoors.

If any animal is observed behaving unusually, residents are advised to maintain their distance and contact the Thetford Police or VT Fish and Wildlife immediately.

While this chain of events occurred in North Thetford, officials have warned that such incidents can happen anywhere.

Despite the seriousness of the situation, occurrences remain low, and with good awareness, residents can continue to enjoy the outdoors, one of Thetford’s greatest features.

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