Nashua man hospitalized after using multiple bug bombs in apartment

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NASHUA –– An overuse of bed bug bombs resulted in a hazmat incident and one man hospitalized with respiratory issues here Monday.

The Nashua Fire Department and AMR Ambulance responded to a distress call from a 7th-floor apartment at 56 Tyler St., where they discovered a chemical smell emanating from the resident’s home.

The occupant had reportedly set off six “bug bombs” to combat a bed bug infestation and stayed inside the apartment after their activation.

These devices are known to be flammable and are not recommended for use in occupied spaces, creating a hazardous situation that called for additional apparatus and personnel.

The man was immediately removed from the apartment by fire and EMS and taken to Southern New Hampshire Medical Center.

Deputy Chief Kevin Kerrigan noted that usually only one of these bug bombs is used at a time, and measures had to be taken to prevent the chemical from spreading further.

Firefighters activated the fire alarm and evacuated approximately 80 residents from the building.

They then reentered with air packs to ventilate the affected apartment and check the rest of the building for residual chemicals.

Residents were allowed to return to their homes after about an hour, and no other individuals required medical transport.

In light of the incident, the Nashua Fire Department urged residents to follow the directions on the packaging when using such devices.

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