Fox bite prompts investigation in Thetford

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THETFORD –– A medical emergency involving a fox bite has led local police and wildlife officials to launch an investigation on Sunday.

Thetford Police responded to the incident in the north end of North Thetford Village, between Clay Road and US Route 5.

The fox involved could not be located.

This event follows two previous incidents involving a fox, including one instance in which a fox chased a person onto their porch.

While it is not yet confirmed whether the same fox was involved in all three instances, all events occurred within a close proximity of 300 square yards.

Authorities have issued a public warning urging residents to be aware of their surroundings, and to keep a close eye on pets and children.

Over the next few weeks, residents are encouraged to report sightings of animals acting strangely.

The authorities are concerned that this could be a case of animal illness, which could either resolve itself or spread to other animals.

Fish and Wildlife were notified about the incident and will be assisting the Thetford Police in the ongoing investigation.

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