Woman hospitalized following kidnapping, assault in Fair Haven

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FAIR HAVEN –– A resident of Fair Haven, Jared M. Parks, 41, entered a not guilty plea in Bennington County criminal court on charges relating to kidnapping, domestic assault, and unlawful mischief.

Notably, the kidnapping charge alone has the potential of a life sentence. Additionally, the combined maximum sentence for the other two charges is 2½ years. Parks has been detained without the possibility of bail until further hearings.

The Fair Haven Police reported that Parks was apprehended on a Saturday morning, subsequent to responding to a call detailing a family altercation around 7 a.m. Eyewitness accounts and affidavits indicate a man was aggressively chasing a woman while yelling.

Upon their arrival, police discovered a woman in a severely distraught state — shaking, crying, and bleeding profusely. Her injuries, including a pronounced bruise under one eye and a 3- to 4-inch deep cut on the back of her head, warranted immediate medical attention. Due to the excessive bleeding, which couldn’t be managed on-site, she was rushed to the hospital.

The woman confided to the police that Parks was responsible for her injuries and the damage to her eyeglasses. However, she expressed a preference for him to receive assistance rather than face legal repercussions. Eyewitnesses corroborated the woman’s account, describing a scene where Parks was seen forcibly pulling the woman back into a building amidst her pleas for release.

Parks’ behavior following his apprehension was described by police as highly agitated. He allegedly made several inappropriate and derogatory comments about the woman, the officers present, and even his own mother.

An attempt to facilitate a call with his mother reportedly ended in an altercation, with Parks launching a barrage of obscenities and disowning her. While Parks refuted claims of assaulting the woman, he did imply he was capable of violent behavior.

During the court proceedings, Judge Kerry Ann McDonald-Cady frequently had to intervene as Parks attempted to make unsolicited remarks. Emphasizing Parks’ right against self-incrimination, the judge indicated she’d be hesitant to set release conditions for him without first having a clearer understanding of his living conditions.

Source: Rutland Herald

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