Former St. Albans officer pleads guilty to assault charge, receives probation

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ST. ALBANS––Former St. Albans Police Department officer, Joel Daugreilh, 37, of St. Albans, entered a guilty plea to one count of Simple Assault in the Vermont Superior Court, Franklin Criminal Division yesterday.

The charge stems from an incident on November 26, 2017, during which Mr. Daugreilh, while serving as an officer, assaulted a handcuffed suspect.

After securing the individual in a holding cell, shackled to a bench, Mr. Daugreilh forcefully pushed the suspect’s head against the cell wall.

He further escalated the situation by spraying the suspect directly in the eyes with O.C. spray, more commonly referred to as pepper spray.

Following this episode, Mr. Daugreilh opted to resign from his position in law enforcement

Judge Martin Maley oversaw yesterday’s court appearance, taking into account statements from both the victim and Mr. Daugreilh.

The court also reviewed similar use-of-force incidents within the St. Albans Police Department that led to criminal charges. Ultimately, the Court consented to Mr. Daugreilh’s plea change, deferring his sentencing.

Instead, Mr. Daugreilh received a six-month probationary sentence, during which he is mandated to avoid any contact with the victim and complete 40 hours of community service.

Should he fulfill these terms and maintain good conduct during the probation period, there’s potential for his case to be dismissed.

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