Unlawful entry, property damage at construction site in Newport, NH

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NEWPORT –– The Avanru Development Group reported on August 8 that unknown individuals had unlawfully entered their construction site on Spring Street between August 4 and 8, causing significant property damage.

Investigators are currently working to obtain surveillance footage from nearby locations in an attempt to identify those responsible for the damage. The timeline of the incident is still unclear, but authorities believe the unlawful entry and subsequent damage occurred sometime between August 4 and 8.

Officer Matthew Twining, who is leading the investigation, is urging anyone who may have noticed suspicious activity in the area during that time or who has information that could aid in the investigation to contact him.

Twining can be reached at (603) 863-3232 or via email at [email protected].

The Avanru Development Group has not released an estimate of the damage caused, but they are cooperating fully with police and assisting in any way they can with the investigation.

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