Two men arrested after fatal crash involving underage driver in Berkshire

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BERKSHIRE — Two Vermont men have been arrested and charged following a fatal motor vehicle accident that claimed the life of a 16-year-old boy in Berkshire in June.

Carson Smith of Berkshire was fatally injured after his 2004 Toyota Tundra, traveling on Water Tower Road near VT Route 105, rolled over under wet conditions on an overcast morning with light rain. Smith was not wearing a seatbelt at the time of the crash.

Vermont State Police completed its criminal investigation into events preceding the accident. Investigators discovered that Smith, along with other juveniles, had been attending an underage drinking party on Berry Road in Richford.

Surveillance footage and witness statements revealed that Jon Schurger, 22, of Saint Albans City, purchased alcohol for the party in Enosburgh. He was reportedly aided by Dylon Smith, 22, of Enosburgh, with whom the deceased shared no relation.

Further details suggested the party continued at the River Walk in Montgomery. Evidence from the Chief Medical Examiner’s Office indicated Carson Smith was under the influence of alcohol and possibly other substances during the crash. Alcohol, drugs, and speed are believed to have played roles in the tragic incident.

Schurger faces charges for the sale or furnishing of alcohol to minors and enabling consumption causing death or serious injury.

Dylon Smith has been charged as an accessory aiding in the commission of a felony.

The two were apprehended on Aug. 3 and processed at the St. Albans Field Station.

An arraignment is scheduled for Oct. 2 at the Franklin County Superior Court Criminal Division.

The Vermont State Police expressed gratitude to the Bureau of Criminal Investigations, Field Force Division troopers, and the Vermont Department of Liquor Control for their collaborative efforts during the investigation.

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