Wyoming homicide suspect arrested in Enosburgh

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ENOSBURGH — A 36-year-old man from Wyoming was arrested as a fugitive from justice in Enosburgh yesterday.

Authorities say they received an anonymous tip that Stacy Medicinetop was wanted in connection to a homicide that had occurred in Casper, several months prior.

However, at that time Medicinetop did not have any active arrest warrants.

The Casper Police Department in Casper, Wyoming, later obtained two arrest warrants for Medicinetop and provided them to the Vermont State Police on Thursday.

Police say they located Medicinetop at his place of employment in Enosburgh, and took him into custody without issue.

Medicinetop’s arrest warrants were for second-degree homicide and vehicle theft.

Police say Medicinetop reportedly fled Wyoming after the homicide and arrived in Vermont sometime in the later part of June 2023.

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