Two-vehicle crash in South Burlington

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SOUTH BURLINGTON — Police responded to a two-vehicle crash in South Burlington on Monday.

The crash took place on I-89 north at around 11:35 a.m.

Police say they located the first vehicle at a position of controlled rest facing north on exit 13 on-ramp and the second vehicle at a position of uncontrolled rest on the shoulder of exit 13 facing in the same direction.

According to the report, Linda Cramer, 69, of Georgia, was traveling north in the traveling lane when Jenya Morrison, 30, of Fairfax, was driving in the passing lane.

Morrison realized exit 13 was her exit, and needed to get off.

She allegedly swerved to the right not realizing Cramer was in the passing lane to get off.

Morrison hit Cramer from the rear causing her to spin and hit the pole head on.

Police say all drivers sustained no injuries and none of the drivers provided any signs of impairment.

Due to disabling damage to both vehicles they were towed from the scene.

Troopers were assisted by South Burlington Fire Department, Anytime Towing, and Spillaines Towing.

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