Night shift recap: Robberies, pursuits, and multiple arrests in Rutland

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RUTLAND — A busy weekend for Rutland police resulted in multiple charges, arrest warrants, and pursuits, according to a report from the Rutland City Police Department.

Officer Dangal and Officer Rice were involved in an attempted arrest of Cory Munger, 28, on North Main Street.

Munger, who had an active arrest warrant for failure to appear on multiple charges, fled from police in a negligent manner, disregarding public safety. Additional charges are pending against him.

Munger was later implicated in an armed robbery on South Main Street.

According to the report, Munger entered a business wielding a knife and left with stolen property.

Officers have obtained another arrest warrant for Munger, who remains at large. Rutland City Police Department urges anyone with information on Munger’s whereabouts to get in touch.

Charles Doucette, 49, was cited and released on charges of unlawful mischief following a disturbance at a downtown business. Doucette reportedly destroyed property at the site.

Officer Parker arrested Jacob Eells, 28, following a traffic complaint. Eells, who was reportedly driving impaired with a small child in the vehicle, was arrested and charged with DUI, cruelty to a child, and impeding an officer.

He was later cited and released.

A series of individuals were located and dealt with by the officers based on their respective warrants:

Joseph Siliski, 33, had a warrant for failing to appear on an original charge of DUI. He was cited and released.
Melissa Godette, 47, had a warrant for failing to appear on an original charge of retail theft. She was cited and released.
Sara Clayton, 41, had a warrant for failing to appear on an original charge of disorderly conduct. She was cited and released.
Terance Barton, 43, had a warrant for violating an abuse prevention order. He was lodged on $1,000 bail.
Robert Kallahan, 53, had a warrant for attempting to disarm a law enforcement officer. He was lodged on $1,000 bail.
George Carver, 59, had two warrants for failing to appear on charges of simple assault and trespassing. He was lodged on $400 bail.

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