Newport students win top prizes at Stanstead College

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STANSTEAD, QC — Newport students were among the top prize winners at Stanstead College’s 2023 Baccalaureate & Prize-Giving Service, held Saturday at the Pat Burns Arena in Stanstead.

Justin Bouchard, a Grade 12 student who studied six years at the Quebec independent school, won the Pitcher Prize, the school’s top award, presented to the student who has exerted the greatest influence for good.

Justin also won the Graham Chandler Sportsmanship Award, the Donald McG. Hackett Prize for Creativity, the Director’s Award in Theatre Arts and the Cowen House Directors Award. Justin also won Grade 12 prizes for the top average in Art and Physics.

Luke DeLaBruere of Newport earned the Birks Bronze Medal for the highest overall average in Grade 10. He also won Grade 10 prizes for Chemistry, English, French, History, Math, Music and Physics as well as the Banting Award (to a returning local student for academic achievement). Finally, Luke was co-winner of the Technology Prize.

Joshua Lippmann, Grade 9 of Newport, was named the all-round junior boy athlete of the year, winning the S.F. Abbott Memorial Shield for his performance in soccer, basketball and rugby this past year.

His sister Madeline Lippmann, Grade 11, won the House Directors Award for Webster House, the girls residence at Stanstead College, for her assistance, support and leadership.

Saturday’s Baccalaureate Service was held for the first time in the Pat Burns Arena in consideration for the growing school population and the number of families wishing to attend. The service included many tributes to Michael Wolfe, who is retiring after 18 years as head of school.

Colleague and friend Dugie Ross noted in particular Mr. Wolfe’s incredible level of care for students.

“He realizes that educating young people is more than a good report card, and he has always been willing to give a student a second chance,” said Ross. “It is the realization that children mature at different speeds and that one size does not fit every student. Many times, alumni have acknowledged the appreciation they felt towards Mike for helping them along as they found their way.”

Wolfe reflected on his time at the school and thanked those who supported him and made it possible, especially his family. He also spoke of a lesson he received from a former professor: Treat a person as they are, and they’ll remain where they are; treat a person as they could and should be and they’ll become what they could and should become.

“It would be an overstatement to say that we ‘will’ students to life here,” said Mr. Wolfe, “but hopefully we inspire our students to be all that they can be by setting high expectations and by providing unflagging support and constant encouragement. I hope that I was able to do that during my time here in the same way that my professor inspired me all those years ago.”

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