Cookbook by Tracey Medeiros set for signing event at Newport Natural

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NEWPORT — Cookbook author Tracey Medeiros will be signing copies of her latest offering, “The Vermont Farm Table Cookbook, 10th Edition,” at Newport Natural Market & Cafe on Saturday, June 17.

The updated edition of this culinary tome, first published ten years ago, captures the farm-to-table spirit that lies at the heart of Vermont’s vibrant food scene.

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Medeiros has revitalized the book with new recipes, photos, and profiles of local farms, reinforcing the state’s deep-rooted commitment to fresh, whole-food dining.

From small, family-run operations to locally-owned, nationally-recognized brands, the cookbook’s recipes and stories encapsulate Vermont’s rich agricultural diversity and community.

Readers can expect comforting, farm-fresh dishes like Vermont Cheddar Soup, Maple-Glazed Sweet Potatoes, Apple-Stuffed Chicken Breasts, and homemade Vermont Maple Ice Cream.

Medeiros is the author of six cookbooks, with her work celebrating the best of Vermont, from the acclaimed kitchens of Simon Pearce and King Arthur to the verdant fields of local farms.

The Green Mountain State’s picturesque scenery, known for its maple syrup, stunning peaks, and undeniable farm-to-table ethos, serves as a continual source of inspiration for her work.

The cookbook signing event provides an excellent opportunity to meet the author and get a firsthand look at this exciting new edition.

Whether a seasoned fan of Vermont cuisine or new to the state’s farm-to-table movement, attendees are bound to discover new recipes to bring a little piece of Vermont into their home kitchens.

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