Revving up hope: Newport mother’s car woes vanish with surprise donation

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NEWPORT — As car prices continue to surge in the aftermath of the pandemic, many are finding it difficult to afford safe and reliable vehicles. However, a Newport mother recently found relief from her family’s transportation struggles when she was gifted a donated car.

Eve Chapdelaine was the recipient of a 2014 Honda Civic, donated by Good News Garage, a Burlington-based car-donation nonprofit.

Established in Vermont in 1996, Good News Garage is one of the nation’s first charitable car donation programs, having assisted over 5,500 vehicle donors in aiding neighbors in need and aiding their journey towards self-sufficiency.

“This is so important to me and my girls. We needed this so badly,” said Chapdelaine upon receiving the keys to her donated car.

According to Good News Garage, inflation and car shortages have caused a significant increase in the prices of new and used cars. This situation has left many low-income individuals and families unable to afford vehicles, thus hampering their ability to secure stable employment, transport their children, and maintain self-sufficiency.

The organization also mentioned that the need for donated vehicles is critically high, with demand far exceeding the current level of donations.

“While we can’t solve the car shortage, we can certainly help some of those who are being hit the hardest,” stated Cash Cranson, director of operations at Good News Garage. “However, our ability to help is limited by the number of car donations we receive. Choosing to donate your car during this challenging time is a kind and compassionate act that can make a significant, immediate impact.”

In Vermont, Good News Garage collaborates with the state’s Reach Up agency to award cars to residents. Recipients of cars must be participants in the Reach Up program.

More information about the Reach Up program can be found at https://dcf.vermont.gov/benefits/reachup.

Those interested in donating can visit www.GoodNewsGarage.org for more information.

Good News Garage is a member of Ascentria Care Alliance, one of the largest human services organizations in New England.

Ascentria works to create measurable, positive impacts in communities by empowering individuals to overcome life’s challenges and thrive.

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