West Charleston man arrested for shooting at Concord home, vehicle

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CONCORD — A 47-year-old man from West Charleston was arrested following an incident in Concord yesterday.

Authorities say they were notified that a man shot at a home on Tremblay Road, before fleeing the area at around 1:35 p.m.

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Police allege that Stephen Tremblay had a physical altercation with a family member before attempting to make entry into the home.

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Tremblay struck the entry way door with the stock of a rifle causing a negligent discharge of the rifle.

After family hid in fear inside of the home, Tremblay shot a vehicle that was parked in the driveway multiple times before leaving in his personal vehicle.

A “be on the lookout” was issued for the vehicle and it was located on Route 5A.

Tremblay was taken into custody and transported to the Saint Johnsbury State Police barracks for processing.

He faces charges of aggravated domestic assault, and reckless endangerment.

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