Woman arrested in Swanton for cocaine distribution

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SWANTON — A 37-year-old woman from St. Albans is facing new charges following an investigation that began in Swanton.

On May 2, police say they arrested Ashley Lamos-Terry for the continued distribution of cocaine base and heroin.

Lamos-Terry was taken into custody without incident.

She was originally arrested on March 3, 2022, for seven narcotics sales charges including sales of cocaine base and heroin.

After her initial arrest, she was released on pretrial conditions.

The Vermont Drug Taskforce continued investigating Lamos-Terry and arrested her again on March 30 for an additional sale of cocaine base as well as violating her conditions of release.

The Vermont Drug Task Force, again, continued investigating Lamos-Terry leading to her current arrest for the distribution of cocaine base while released on pretrial conditions.

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