Amidst speculations of his death, search for Henry Lovell continues

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MORRISVILLE — The search for Henry Lovell, the suspect in the shooting of a Morristown police officer, continued on Saturday as law enforcement agencies began to bring their operational posture in line with a longer-term investigative and search effort.

Throughout the day Saturday, police continued to pursue possible leads for where Lovell might have gone following Thursday night’s shooting.

Law enforcement performed proactive searches in several areas and responded to various tips from the public.

The search effort Saturday remained concentrated on Morrisville but expanded to include wider areas of Morristown and nearby locations given the length of time since the last confirmed sighting of Lovell at about 9 p.m. Thursday in downtown Morrisville.

This late Thursday location remains the last known sighting of Lovell.

Among the possible scenarios that police are considering is that Lovell might be in hiding somewhere in the Morristown area or that he might be deceased.

A heavy police presence will remain in Morrisville into Saturday night.

Starting Sunday morning, if Lovell remains at large, the public should expect to see fewer members of law enforcement in the community, although the authorities will continue to have an active presence.

Detectives will continue pursuing leads along with any additional tips from the public and directing police resources in response to the information their work generates.

Investigators continue to encourage the public to take an appropriate level of caution as they go about their normal activities.

Anyone with information on Lovell’s possible whereabouts should call the Vermont State Police in Williston at 802-878-7111 or the Morristown Police Department at 802-888-4211.

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