Lee Police Department log March 1-15, 2023

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LEE — The Lee Police Department responded to a variety of calls for service during the first half of March.

Officers conducted 120 directed patrols and business checks, performed 59 motor vehicle stops, and responded to 19 motor vehicle accidents.

They also investigated 3 abandoned motor vehicles and addressed 13 calls for trees and wires down.

In addition to these routine calls, Lee police officers were called to respond to some unusual situations.

An off-duty officer spotted a suspicious car parked after close and a man lurking about.

The man and his car couldn’t be found, but the officer followed footprints to a locked camper out back. Nothing was missing, but the incident remains under investigation.

Another driver was drifting into oncoming traffic because they were drowsy.

Officers also assisted with a gasoline spill and helped clean up debris after a truck lost some of its load.

The police department made several arrests during the two-week period, including Gage Ashbough of Nottingham, for Assault on an Officer, Disobeying an Officer, Resisting Arrest~ DUI.

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