House fire in Chelmsford quickly extinguished by police

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CHELMSFORD — Two Chelmsford police officers are being hailed for their quick thinking and bravery in extinguishing a house fire early this morning.

At approximately 5:17 a.m., Officer Hill and Officer Philaphandeth were dispatched to an address in Chelmsford for a report of a house fire.

Officer Hill arrived first and saw the rear porch of the residence fully engulfed in flames.

He removed his fire extinguisher from his cruiser and began to put out the fire.

Officer Philaphandeth arrived on scene immediately after and both officers used the remainder of their cruiser fire extinguishers to subdue the fire.

The officers stood by while the Chelmsford Fire Department overhauled the remainder of the fire and conducted an investigation.

No injuries were reported.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

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