Burglary at Yandow Sales and Services in Ferrisburgh

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FERRISBURGH — The Vermont State Police are seeking information about a burglary that occurred at Yandow Sales and Services in Ferrisburgh.

According to Troopers, an unidentified suspect threw a rock at the glass front window of the building between 5:00 p.m. on March 24th and 8:00 a.m. on March 25th. The incident is being investigated as a burglary.

Anyone who witnessed or has more information regarding this incident is asked to contact Trooper Nukic at the Vermont State Police New Haven Barracks at 802-388-4919.

The victim, Timothy Yandow, 61, resides in Charlotte, Vermont.

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  1. Dear Daniel, does the Orleans Sherrifs Dept and the Newport police dept and the Newport State Ploice,share what’s going on in Newport? The majority of news articles seem to be about domestic violence. Are the NEK citizens all that? It seams that’s all we read about. Is it that these are the only stories shared by the departments or is it that’s all the Dispatch thinks is interesting? The State police claim that they share press releases all the time. Is that so? If so, why not report it? We never seem to get a follow up on news headlines. Please respond.
    Ray Dauphinais

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