Laconia police department respond to high volume of calls in 24-hour period

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LACONIA — The Laconia Police Department responded to 49 service calls within a 24-hour period, according to a document released by the department.

The calls ranged from reports of theft, fraud, and suspicious activity to mental health emergencies and juvenile matters.

During the same period, three people were arrested, including Thomas Riel, a 62-year-old resident of Laconia, who was charged with sexual assault – sexual contact.

Leo M. Hanson Jr., a 56-year-old Laconia resident, was arrested on bench warrants.

Joan M. Binis, a 67-year-old Union Avenue resident of Laconia, was arrested on charges of third-degree DUI and impairment, driving a vehicle not equipped with a breathalyzer, and driving with a revoked or suspended license.

The police department responded to a variety of different types of calls, including one motorist assistance, two juvenile matters, one mental health emergency, one report of a runaway, two reports of suspicious vehicles, one report of theft, one report of a suspicious person, one intoxicated subject, one welfare check, one report of forgery, two reports of fraud, two calls related to restraining orders, one disturbance call, and one house check.

This report documents the high volume and range of police activity that occurred within Laconia during a 24-hour period, providing a glimpse into the types of issues that the Laconia police department is responsible for handling.

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