Memphremagog Watershed Association announces new project coordinator

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DERBY — Gabryel Gianoni has been announced as the new Watershed Project Coordinator for the Memphremagog Watershed Association (MWA) team.

With over 7 years of experience working with nonprofits and conservancies, she has contributed to habitat restoration and conservation monitoring projects in Nevada and Pennsylvania.

Gianoni holds a bachelor’s degree in biology with a focus on environmental science, ecology, and conservation.

She has implemented monitoring programs to track the success of restoration efforts and has experience working with special status species and natural communities, where she helped track habitat trends and population dynamics.

In her new role, Gianoni will be working with MWA’s Watershed Project Manager to identify, assess, develop, design, implement, and manage water quality and habitat restoration projects throughout the Northeast Kingdom.

Her work will take her from the bottom of the Clyde River valley to forest roads and trails in the mountainous headwaters of Lake Willoughby.

Gianoni is passionate about exploring the world around her and spreading her knowledge to anyone who wants to listen.

She enjoys bringing people together to determine the best approach for restoring and protecting native ecosystems in a way that benefits all.

Gianoni and her husband will be moving from Nevada to Derby in April.

They are both excited to engage with the local community and enjoy all that the Northeast Kingdom has to offer.

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