Newcomer Michael Doenges elected Mayor of Rutland City

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RUTLAND — Michael Doenges, a political newcomer, has been elected as the new mayor of Rutland City.

He defeated three-term incumbent David Allaire.

This election seems to be a clear indication of the voters’ desire for new leadership and a different approach to governing.

In addition to Doenges, several other political newcomers also joined the Board of Aldermen in this election, bringing fresh perspectives and ideas into the mix.

The ousting of longtime incumbent Thomas DePoy added to the changing political landscape of Rutland City.

During his campaign, Doenges emphasized the need for more formal planning efforts in City Hall, which resonated with many voters.

During his campaign Doenges has said that federal and state transportation agencies can help fund roadway projects through organizations like the Rutland Regional Planning Commission, but the city must have a plan and agreement to build roads to certain standards.

By doing so, the city can receive a higher match for its funds and repair more roads.

The unofficial vote total shortly after polls closed was 1,710 to 1,317.

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