Police nab man accused of stealing 2 cars in Derby this morning

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DERBY — A 35-year-old man from Mobile, Alabama, was arrested in Derby this morning.

Authorities say they were notified that a 2007 Lexus belonging to Peter Bryant, of Derby, had been stolen from the McDonald’s at around 6:45 a.m.

Willie Goodwin, 35, was suspected of having stolen the vehicle after having been encountered by US Customs and Border Protection officers.

Police say they observed the Lexus abandoned on the on-ramp of Interstate 91 south at around 7:50 a.m.

CBP officers later attempted to stop Goodwin, who was now driving a Ford F150 truck.

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Goodwin did not comply and pull over for approximately 8 miles.

He was taken into custody without incident after stopping on I-91 south in Orleans and transferred to the custody of the state police.

While investigating the theft of the Lexus a report was received from Chris Wright, of Charleston, that the Ford F150 Goodwin was operating had been stolen from Thompson’s Redemption in Derby shortly after the Lexus was abandoned on the on-ramp.

Goodwin was transported to the Derby barracks and processed on two counts of operating without the owner’s consent, and attempting to elude law enforcement officers.

He was held on $200 bail ordered by the court and will be arraigned on these charges on Wednesday.

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