Dunbarton police log Feb. 20223

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DUNBARTON — The Dunbarton Police Department issued a list of law enforcement activities during February 2023.

The report includes a wide range of incidents that the Dunbarton Police Department responded to, including animal complaints, arrests, motor vehicle collisions, paperwork services, theft/fraud/scams, and suspicious persons/vehicles.

A total of 12 arrests were made.

The department conducted 49 motor vehicle stops, and 9 motor vehicle citations were issued.

The citations include speed, non-inspection, unregistered, and misuse/failure to display plates. The report notes that some of these citations may have been issued in conjunction with an arrest.

The report informs residents that they can request extra traffic enforcement patrols in their neighborhood by calling the Dunbarton Police Department.

The report is below:

Animal Complaint – Dog at Large: 5
Animal Complaint – General/Other: 2
Animal Complaint – Missing/Lost Dog: 1
Arrest: 12
Assist EMS/Medical Emergency: 8
Assist Fire (Alarms, Hazards, Fires, Etc.): 4
Assist Other Agency – Bow Police: 2
Assist Other Agency – General/Other: 13
Assist Other Agency – Goffstown Police: 2
Assist Other Agency – Hopkinton Police: 1
Assist Other Agency – Weare Police: 4
Burglar Alarm: 6
Business Check/Walkthrough: 8
Car Seat Check: 2
Child Abuse/Neglect Complaint (DCYF Referral): 2
Community Policing/Event: 3
Directed Patrol – General/Proactive: 13
Directed Patrol – Recreation Area Check: 3
Directed Patrol – Traffic Enforcement: 16
Domestic Disturbance: 1
Drill (Safety, Fire, Etc.): 1
Follow Up: 10
Found Property: 1
Harassment: 1
ICAC Task Force: 1
Law Enforcement Against Drugs Lesson: 2
Mental Health: 1
Motorist Assist/Disabled Vehicle: 8
Motor Vehicle Collision/Vehicle off the Road: 11
Motor Vehicle Complaint: 7
Motor Vehicle Lockout: 1
Paperwork Service – Other: 1
Paperwork Service – Restraining Order: 1
Paperwork Service – Subpoena: 1
Paperwork Service – Warrant: 3
Pistol/Revolver License Application: 2
Police Courtesy/Citizen Assist: 6
Police Information – Other: 3
School Patrol/School Zone: 27
Sex Offender Registration/Update: 2
Suspicious Person: 1
Suspicious Vehicle: 2
Theft/Fraud/Scam: 11
Traffic Hazard/Conditions: 1
Vacant Property Check: 35
Vacant Property Check Request: 9
Vehicle Check/Log: 4
Wires/Trees Down: 2

During the month of February, Dunbarton Police
Officers completed the following traffic enforcement

49 Motor Vehicle Stops Conducted
9 Motor Vehicle Citations Issued
1 Speed Citation
6 Non-Inspection Citations
1 Unregistered Citation
1 Misuse/Failure to Display Plates Citation

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