Missisquoi Valley Ambulance Service to offer first Vermont ambulance to the Ukraine

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TROY — For almost half a century, MNAS has been serving the people of Jay, Troy, North Troy, Westfield, and Lowell.

They’ve even lent a hand to Orleans and Franklin Counties through paramedic intercept and mutual aid.

MVAS is still going strong even though the Newport Ambulance Service will start covering the town on April 1.

As part of that process, MVAS will no longer need two ambulances

Part of that process is donating one of their two ambulances to the UA Resistance Foundation in support of EMS efforts in Ukraine.

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Nearly 30 US ambulances and fire trucks have been donated already, and most are now serving on the front lines in support of local EMS and the Ukrainian military.

This will be the first Vermont ambulance donated, and will join a shipment of ambulances and fire trucks from Massachusetts and beyond leaving on April 1.

If you want to show your support, MVAS will be hosting events where you can sign messages on the ambulance before it leaves.

Ben Asack, a Vermont paramedic who has served two volunteer paramedic tours in Ukraine, will be joining for some of these events.

Keep an eye out for the scheduled times and locations, which will be announced soon by MVAS leadership.

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