Truck carrying 13,000 pound concrete form crashes in Londonderry

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LONDONDERRY — Police are investigating a crash that took place in Londonderry today.

Authorities say they were notified that a 2019 Kenworth tractor with attached trailer, operated by CSI Transport LLC, was hauling an oversized 13,000 pound concrete precast form, prior to the crash.

The load shifted and fell onto the road at around 7:15 a.m.

The concrete form was loaded back onto the trailer and properly secured.

The vehicle was placed out-of-service for improper load securement.

Police say an out-of-service order is given to a commercial driver or vehicle that violates a certain set of conditions with the purpose to protect the public from imminent safety hazards.

State Police were assisted by members of the Londonderry Police Department and Londonderry Fire Department.

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