10 vehicles involved in crash on I-93 in Salem

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SALEM — Police responded to a multi-vehicle crash in Salem on Sunday.

Authorities were notified of multiple vehicles on the sides of I-93 north at around 7:10 p.m.

Initial calls included reports that there was a light pole down and blocking the Interstate and the exit 1 off-ramp.

Police say they arrived to find approximately 10 vehicles on the ramp and on either side of the Interstate with at least one, if not multiple, flat tires.

A vehicle had struck the exit 1 sign and a light pole in the gore of the exit.

This caused metal and other debris to be strewn across the ramp and Interstate, which unsuspecting drivers then drove over, causing the flat tires.

Police say the debris in the road caused I-93 north in Salem to be closed for approximately 30 minutes while police and fire personnel cleared the debris and facilitated the removal of the vehicles.

No vehicle was located at the scene that could have been responsible for the extensive damage to the exit sign and the light pole.

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