Brattleboro man arrested for theft, police looking for second suspect

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VERNON — Two people were arrested in Vernon today.

Authorities say they were notified of two men in a red truck, parked in front of a driveway on Stebbins Road at around 8:25 a.m.

The caller told police that two men under a sedan vehicle were cutting off the catalytic converter.

Troopers with the Westminster barracks responded to the scene and came upon the two men.

Police identified one of the men as Kenneth Rochefort, 46, of Brattleboro.

Police say he was apprehended and arrested.

The other man, Nathan Holmquist, 46, of Brattleboro, did not listen to trooper’s orders and fled the scene.

Police say they are looking to cite Holmquist for grand larceny and unlawful mischief.

Rochefort was processed and cited to appear in court on March 14.

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