Manchester police nab local fugitive

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CONCORD — Craig Pearson was arrested Sunday in Manchester, New Hampshire after trying to evade police.

Despite multiple public tips, it was heads-up policing conducted by a Manchester patrol unit that ultimately led to the arrest in an alley behind the 200 block of Merrimack Street.

Pearson, 39, is a repeat sexual offender after being convicted of indecent exposure/gross lewdness in 2018, and then he committed the same offense again last September.

Since the initial conviction, Pearson has been required to register as a sex offender with the Manchester Police Department.

This requires that he provide updates with his most recent contact information within five business days of any changes.

After being released from the Hillsborough County Department of Corrections on Nov. 6, Pearson failed to register as required, and a felony arrest warrant was issued on Nov. 23.

Working with Manchester PD’s Sex Offender Compliance Unit, the U.S. Marshals featured Pearson as the “Fugitive of the Week.”

Multiple tips came in, but none of them were able to deliver Pearson into custody.

However, late Sunday night, patrol officers investigating a report of suspicious activity in the vicinity of Merrimack St. and Maple St. noticed Pearson in the area, and he immediately attempted to ride a bicycle away from the officers, ducking into the alleyway behind Merrimack St.

The patrol officers cornered Pearson, who repeatedly refused to identify himself.

After being taken into custody for charges related to his attempt to flee, Pearson’s identity was confirmed during booking.

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