Student charged with threatening to shoot up Norwich University

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NORTHFIELD — Police say a 19-year-old was cited in Northfield for making threats against Norwich University.

Authorities say they were notified of a student who had threatened to shoot up the school yesterday at around 1:30 p.m.

Police say they spoke with students who advised the teen had threatened to sexually assault multiple female students and allegedly said he would, “make this place look like Columbine.”

Several students told police that the Columbine threats had been made in the fall, but not reported to police until now.

They told police that they felt unsafe.

Police say there were also threats of slitting students throats with knives.

Several students wrote sworn statements advising similar information.

Police say the student told them that shooting up the school was only a joke, and had no intent of carrying it out.

Other students told police that the teen went on a gun building app and had asked about different calibers and what they do, talking about purchasing a firearm soon.

Authorities say the student is no longer at Norwich University.

The student was cited in court for the charges of criminal threatening and aggravated disorderly conduct.

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